Our Solutions

Launch Contest

In the next few weeks, we'll be starting a contest with a bunch of fun photography prizes. Until then, follow us on Twitter for timely updates.

Since the contest will involve submitting a photostrip, you can get a head start by grabbing a free copy of Photobooth in the Android Market.

Combine up to three photos

Import pictures from the gallery or shoot new photos with the camera to create a custom photostrip in seconds. Or upgrade to the Pro version to work with up to six photos (coming soon).

Change the layout, order, and size

Choose from horizontal or vertical layouts. Order in ascending, descending, or random. Control export file size. Upgrade to the Pro version for new layouts and XL export (coming soon).

Do more with the power of intents

Share to any social network using your other favorite apps with just a few taps. Post your photostrips to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, or Google+ with ease.