Sharing mulitple photos in a snap

Photobooth can combine several photos (from the gallery or camera) into a single file, allowing for easy sharing of all your choice shots.

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  • Easily save to the SD card or share online with your favorite apps
  • Completely customizable options
  • Easy, single screen with live preview
  • People may like you more if you start posting more awesome photos

A convenient idea is born

Photobooth is a niche app that grew out of my love of visiting (and subsequently sharing) tech conferences, sporting events, parks- basically anywhere that gets me excited. I love to take pictures and I love to tweet, but I found it hard to include multiple photos in a single message. My options were either blasting my followers with a stream of annoying tweets or piling all my URLs into one status update.

Enter Photobooth, which aims to solve the multi-photo problem. Photobooth allows you to save all your images into a single image file, ready to share or save. No making a gallery or photoset online, no endless uploads- just quick sharing of your photos with a deep option set.

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What Photobooth is not

Photobooth DOES NOT include any filters, special effects, or silly borders. Photobooth is a tool for crunching and processing "regular" photos. If I stepped into a real Photobooth and my photos came out grungy and purple-green, I would be highly displeased. Since I don't want filters on my real photos, I won't be putting them in my app.

Please excuse the dust

While Photobooth has a mighty classy user interface (we think, at least), please keep in mind that the following screens are completely in progress and could change at any time.

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Photobooth is coming soon

Join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter for the latest Photobooth updates. Soon, we may need beta testers and you can bet these lists might be a good place to start looking for invites.

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And a full blog, too

For the time being, our efforts are being dumped into Photobooth the app so a full blog is still on the drawing board. When we get closer to launch we'll have a shiny new site- until then, Twitter will have to do.

In development. Photobooth is coming soon.