Yesterday Justin and I were talking about what to do with the border and we figured it could use some more discussion. The original goal of Photobooth was to act as a photo stiching utility. No styling, no effects, just an easy way to share multiple photos with a single URL.
When Justin first asked, I said for the first release I wouldn’t mind getting rid of the border all together. I had never imagined there in the first place, so I didn’t really mind. Justin said he thought it helped break up the images and that some users might want it, and he is probably right. Right now Photobooth is using an 8px white border, but there is no way to edit/change the settings.

I’m really hesitant to add any sort of border options for fear of getting lumped into the photo effect apps. Not that there is anything wrong with effects, it’s just a crowded space that I want no part of. I figure if you wanted to add style or borders, you could do it through one of the many quality apps already available.

The UI/UX is already locked up pretty tight, there just isn’t much space for border options. I’m trying to resist the urge to use Android’s menu button but I just don’t see many other places to stick it. I’ll figure it out, but I wanted to at least ask the question:

Do you want border options in Photobooth? If so, how extensive? Simply on/off? Or do you want full width/color/etc control? Thoughts? Arguments?