Update: we just pushed a fix we think will solve the HTC camera bug. Please update via the Market.

We’ve been getting a handful of reports that Photobooth will sometimes force close when trying to import directly from the camera on some HTC phones. The good news is that we are aware of the problem and think the bug comes from the way the non-stock camera handles sharing. The bad news is that we are still in the process of applying a fix, and working on weirdo, non-standard issues always seem to take more time than you want them to.

So, until we get it sorted out, we thought we’d make a quick blog post with some suggestions. If you’ve got an HTC phone and the camera is crashing inside of Photobooth, try taking your pictures outside of Photobooth first. Snap the pics, use the gallery to select the ones you want to turn into a photostrip, then tap Share > Photobooth. Using this workaround should avoid that dreaded force close. Or, feel free to use almost any other camera app available in the Market, it’s just something with that HTC camera that doesn’t get along with Photobooth.