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Latest News

  • 23 snaps

    23 snaps is an application available on mobile devices and desktop. 23 snaps was formulated primarily to be an online journal for recording all the adorable pictures of your little ones and sharing them with friends and family and entertaining comments from them. The application is available on both Android and iOS.


    The application cluster was designed to share private gatherings and occasions with a small and intimate group of friends. It works like a social media platform containing the typical like, comment and tag features on images and videos. Cluster is, however, safer than traditional social media apps as you will be aware of whom you are sharing the pictures and videos with. Cluster is available for both Android and Apple users.


    Moments was recently launched by Facebook and is available on Android and iOS platforms. Facebook's moments is an application enabling you to share private gatherings and events with selective and close friends among your Facebook friends. What's even better is the function of facial recognition which helps you tag and send private photos to those selective friends with ease. Those who wish to view your private photos must download the moments app and be invited as well.


    A relatively new application to share private photos among invited friends, KatchUp is a bit different from its fellow apps. How? KatchUp entails photo printing. Other than that it is moreover the same, as it centralizes on sharing albums of personal events only with those invited and selected friends over the application. KatchUp is catching up considering its easy to use features and interactive user face. What's more interesting is that the app lets you upload full-scale images of high resolution over a timeline profile. However, the app does not support any video content as of now and is available for iOS users only.

    Google Spaces

    Google has recently joined with its application, Spaces, which enables its users capabilities of sharing private photos and videos. Besides, Spaces enables its users to share any content or clip come across the web instantaneously with a selected group of friends. Moreover, Spaces offers a very interactive user face enabling the user to customize chat frames, adding comments, likes and including a notification timeline as well.

  • Google photos

    This Google application is typically preloaded on all Android smartphones while existing as a free download application for iOS users via iOS store. It is a smart application as after you determine for a free plan of 15 GB storage or paid plan of up to 1 TB storage; Google will automatically backup your photos and videos after establishing a connection. It can automatically share photos and entire albums with other people based on the feature of facial recognition. Overall, it is an excellent application to share multiple data of pictures and videos with other persons despite which app they use.

    Dropbox Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage applications available. Although Dropbox offers its users only free storage of 2 GB, it makes up in features. In Dropbox, after syncing your account and establishing an internet connection, can instantly upload photos to its cloud storage enabling you to have sufficient room in your phone. Moreover, it is an easy to use interface and very responsive.  Paid subscription can allow you to gain more storage capabilities in Dropbox.

    Facebook moments app

    Nicknamed as the best application to share multiple photos with Facebook friends, Facebook moments app available on both Android and iOS software enable its users to share photos with selected people on Facebook friends and not everyone. The application allows you to share photos and entire albums after syncing with your selected Facebook friends and sharing private gatherings. The facial recognition helps you identify and tag who was in the pictures enabling selective sharing with ease.


    If you are an apple and iOS user, you must know of this application. If you and all your friends are fellow iOS users, then use the AirDrop feature to share multiple images as it is quite easy to use and offers rapid sharing between Apple devices by merely being near each other. For those individuals questioning the safety and privacy of fear of sharing images on iCloud can utilize AirDrop as it is a much safer option.


    Flickr is also one among the most favored applications for photo sharing and storage as well. The app offers a massive amount of 1 TB worth of storage on its free accounts. Moreover, Flickr enables instant upload of images taken to a secure folder and will not be shared to accessed without your permission. If you pay, you can get an additional 1 TB storage as well.